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“HIGHLY SENSITIVE CHILDREN, a present for the futur!” is a documentary film project that was born from my observations and experiences in my practice, school and hospital. Observations shared by a growing number of children's professionals. Marked by stress and fear, children are stuck in their emotions, in their learning, in their lives.


As a psycho-therapist, I find that children, teenagers and young adults are increasingly coming for counselling with a common point: their hyper-emotionality. I realize that all these very intuitive children require an adapted pedagogy; although they all possess a fine intelligence in a particular field, they feel very uneasy, and then all their resources are blocked. They feel acutely the atmosphere of a place, absorb your emotion and feel it as if it were their own but in an exacerbated way. Their senses are amplified. Realising that the problem exceeds the family sphere and affects the rhythm of life, food, environment and education, I decided to explore what the experts in neuroscience say about this cognitive and sensitive characteristic. An exciting journey begins when we meet researchers from all backgrounds informing us about the impact of environmental factors regarding hypersensitivity and its various symptoms according to the individual: DYS (dyslexia, dyspraxia, dysorthography, dyscalculia), hyperactivity, attention disorders, social phobia, or even autism. The teachers at my school adapt themselves, reinvent a particular pedagogy for those who dropped out of school. But what about the others? In search of the answer, I went to meet teachers in public and private schools in France and on the other side of the world in Reunion Island, psycho-pedagogues who shared very readily their keys and their solutions.